Removal of the Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Perdita, ” I view the removal of the Sorcerer’s Hat as an unnecessary and sad mistake.  I have never visited Hollywood Studios when there was not the big, blue hat to greet me when I walked up Hollywood Boulevard.  I think it was a symbol that was representative of the Disney magic; a huge, larger-than-life reminder of one the Disney movies.  If they thought that it really had to moved for an open view of the Chinese theater, I wish they would have at least relocated it somewhere else in the park.”

Roly, “I see them taking the Sorcerer’s Hat down as a mistake, especially when replacing it with the “Earful Tower” as the logo.  I am interested, though, in seeing the Chinese Theater unobstructed for the first time.  To me, even though seeing it will be interesting, it does not make make up for the hat, which has been there since my first visit.”

Pongo, “Removing the Sorcerer’s Hat really does not bother me.  It is familiar and does not seem “out of place” to me; as I have never seen Hollywood Studios without it.  I do not think that it added much , though.  Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street U.S.A. is iconic, as is the Epcot Ball.  The Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom has the wonderful, intricate carvings, and to me, fits as a centerpiece.  The parks look and feel like they were built around each of these.  Not so much with the hat, it feels like it was placed there as an afterthought (which I guess it was).  I will reserve final judgement for when I see it in person.”

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