Roly’s Disney Story

Hello! I am Roly, and this is the story of how i became part of the Disney cult. I first went when I was 8, in 2009, and liked the rides, but that was about it. I just remember going on the roller-coasters, and vaguely remember some rides like Snow White’s Scary Adventures,Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh. Now at that time, I didn’t notice the atmosphere in Main Street, or Fantasyland or the rest.  I was just focused on getting on the rides.   I didn’t get into the theme of the parks.
It wasn’t until after the 2nd time I went in 2011 that I just couldn’t wait to get back.
The next time really changed how I thought about Walt Disney World, though. My parents bought a book, “The Magic of Walt Disney World,” about all the hidden things in the park that made me start to look around and notice the details, instead of just thinking about which ride I was going on next.
The 3rd trip and after,(2012-present) have been even better than the first two times. Topped off by staying at the Beach Club Resort’s concierge the 2nd and 3rd vacations. Walt Disney World has grown on me ever since the very first time, and I am looking forward to the next trip as soon as we leave.


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