Roly’s Review of “Galavant”

Hello, this is Roly again, and today I will be giving a review of a new Disney/ABC show, “Galavant.” I picked up on the story a couple weeks in, on the episode, “Two Balls/Comedy Gold,” and took to it immediately. It reminds me in a way of Monty Python, except of course not as hilarious.

The show, “Two Balls,” is about Galavant’s squire going back to his home town, while the king, played by Timothy Omundson from Psych, finds out that his wife Is “busy” with the jester. This thirty minute show was enough to get hooked, because it finds a way to make fun of anything, and not a minute goes by without a joke. “Comedy Gold” is about Galavant and his companions meeting a loser bunch of pirates, and the king getting (unneeded) comedy advice, in order to win over the queen.
This week’s episodes, “Completely Mad…Alena and Dungeons and Dragons Lady,” were about Galavant going to the castle, and being imprisoned. The first is about Galavant meeting a monastery full of monks who have taken a vow of singing (lead by Weird Al Yankovich). The second, about the king going to meet the wizard, Xanax, who makes a potion, which sends the king, and his serf, into a vision of the king’s childhood.
The show is very funny, and you should definitely check it out. It is certainly different than any other show, in that it is a medieval, comedy,musical, with several songs in each episode. The songs producer for “Galavant” is Alan Menken, who wrote several classic Disney songs such as:  Part of Your World, Belle, and  A Whole New World.  You will definitely be entertained

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