Pongo’s Disney Story

Pongo here, and this is my Disney story; how I went from visiting once per decade to 2-3 times per year.  I visited the Disney in ’73,’84,’91, and ’99 before finally diving in head first in ’09.

I don’t remember 1973 at WDW.  I was only 2.  I am certain, though, that I was oblivious and was being hurled into the ankles of other unsuspecting visitors with my stroller being pushed as fast as my mom could go.  In ’84’ at Disneyland, I still remember watching from the queue as people shrank in front of me into the Monsanto Mighty  Microscope on “Adventures Through Inner Space.”  Steel drums rang out island music in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland during Disney Spring Break “91.  “99 was capped off by the Tapestry of Nations Parade at Epcot, with dancing puppets, stilt walkers, and rotating drum machines.  The magic was always there, and I was impressed, but not yet a fanatic.

Roly’s first trip in 2009 was great, experiencing everything fresh through his eyes.  We spent 2 weeks during Christmas 2011.  Staying this long, I was able to slow down, soak it all in and appreciate details.  Wow!!  There are so many details.  Waking up on a bench in the warm sun in the rear of  the British pavilion next to Perdita while Roly chased squirrels was the moment that I understood that I wanted the “Welcome Home” greeting at Disney to be somewhat of a reality.  I look forward to returning any time that I get a chance.

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