Roly’s Most Anticipated Rides at Disneyland

Hello, Roly here. We are leaving tomorrow for Disneyland. This will be my first visit. I am excited about seeing everything, but especially for rides that are not at WDW.
My #1 ride that I am wanting to do is “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.” There are several reasons. Mainly, I have heard all about it being replaced by “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” in Magic Kingdom. The next big reason is that it has one of the best concepts of all the rides: riding through the English countryside from the perspective of Mr. Toad in his automobile. The next, and probably biggest reason being that, of course, it isn’t at WDW. I am also very exited to see the outside of the ride, themed to look like Toad Hall.
The next ride I most want to do is “Snow White’s Scary Adventures,” with the outside themed to be the Evil Queen’s castle. I want to ride it because it was at WDW the first time I went, but I was too young to remember it.
Indiana Jones is the third, because, well, it’s a ride, based on the Indiana Jones movies. With traps going off after entering the temple, it sounds like it might be the coolest thrill ride at WDW or Disneyland. Maybe, maybe not. It might not be as good as,” Splash Mountain”, or “Tower of Terror,” but the concept is certainly better than any other thrill ride in the parks.


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