Perdita’s Disneyland Synopsis

I just returned from my first visit to Disneyland. Our visit was only four days but I feel like I could write a book about this one experience as there is a lot to cover: comparisons to Walt Disney World, general impressions of Disneyland, reviews of the attractions, our stay at the Disneyland Hotel, etc. I will cover each in a different post, but today I will give my general overall impression of our visit.
First off, I loved Disneyland. I went expecting not to like it but I was totally in love with the entire park by the end of our stay. There were many new things for us to do and new things to see. I enjoyed both California Adventure and Disneyland parks. The highlight was Fantasyland in Disneyland park and Cars Land in California Adventure. There were many attractions that aren’t available at Disney World. However, some of the most enjoyable things weren’t the attractions per se but the intimate feel of the parks. The setting of Main Street USA in Disneyland was gorgeous with abundant foliage, ample seating, and good restaurants. We rode a horse-drawn carriage while being serenaded by the Dapper Dans (a barber-shop quartet group) who was riding with us, rode a double- decker bus, listened to a jazz band, a piano soloist, and just enjoyed sitting on a bench and relaxing in the sun.
The more time we spent in the parks the more charm we discovered. In my next post I will cover our visit in more depth and hopefully illuminate the “Happiest Place on Earth” a bit more.

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