Roly’s Favorite Disneyland Attractions

1.  Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – This ride lived up to every one of my expectations.  It is my favorite because it has the best looking scenes of any dark ride and the coolest concept.

2.      Indiana Jones Adventure – This is now my second favorite “thrill ride.”  It is not my favorite because the concept is not as original as Tower of Terror.  The reason that I do like it so much is simple.  It is like something out of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” with great effects and classic traps such as the huge, rolling stone.

3.  Alice in Wonderland – This ride has the best effects of any dark ride, except maybe HauntedMansion.  The use of mirrors to make it look like there are more of the Queen of Heart’s card soldiers and using screen instead of animatronics at some points is certainly different.

4.  Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – I went thinking that this would be a dud but was very surprised.  It is just a fun ride in general.  In a way, it is surprising to me that it is so high on my list.  It is not a thrill ride, nor does it have great special effects, but, it is fun watching how the whole story is played out.

5.  Radiator Springs Racers – This is my only selection from Disney’s California Adventure.  I do like the rides at the park, but there are not a many to choose from.  I do love thrill rides, and the hills and fast banking in this ride are certainly a thrill.  Even before the race sequence, though, there is a waterfall and other wonderful scenery and funny parts like Mater teaching you how to tractor tip.  All of this makes for a very good ride.


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