Pongo’s Top 5 Disneyland Attractions

Before I make my list, let me explain that I am a thrill ride junky. I love rushes of adrenaline. The two most important things to  me in a ride are thrills and theming. The perfect ride has both, but I will almost always take thrills over themes. So, I like dark rides, but they are not at the top of my list.
When we were at Disneyland, the Matterhorn, Splaradiator springssh Mountain, Soarin’ (one of my favorite rides at WDW), and Grizzly River Rapids were all closed. I was sorely disappointed and will be unable to assess them. Soarin’ at least would have made my list.
1. Radiator Springs Racers- This ride has it all: theming, scenery, comedy, and thrills. One of the best on either coast.
2. Space Mountain – In my opinion, the Disneyland ride is not as good as the Magic Kingdom version. It is a different ride except in name and theming. I prefer the Magic Kingdom queue, roller coaster, and exit. There is not near as much to focus on during the entry and exit with most of it being outside. It is a different ride with side by side seating, instead of sled style. It is smoother and has music blaring. It is still a great ride, though. I enjoyed more the second time after I had gotten over my expectations.
3. Tower of Terror – It is not an exact replica of the Florida version. The difference is from entering the elevator until the drop. The WDW version is better, but this one is still great.Cali-Scream-Mickey-Fun-Wheel
4. California Screamin’ – This is an excellent roller coaster. The theming is weak. It offers great views of the parks and surrounding area including the mountains.
5. Mister Toad’s Wild Ride – It has great theming and a surprise ending that warms you up.  Roly’s fervor for this ride pushes it onto the list.

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