Pongo’s Cars Land Review

Cars Land is a wildly popular part of Disney’s California Adventure. It is a replica of Radiator Springs from the movie “Cars.” In typical Disney fashion, no detail has been left out, down troute 66o the Route 66 and oil signs hanging on the Radiator Springs Curios Shop. The Cars movie was never one of my favorites. I guess it is because I am neither a fan of Nascar nor country music. I was looking forward to seeing Cars Land, but was not overly excited or really expecting a lot. It turns out, though, that Cars Land was my favorite part of Disney’s California Adventure.
The theming is incredible, one of the best “lmaters_junkyard_jamboree1ands” Disney has to offer. You feel like are in Radiator Springs. From the detailed reproduction of the entire town, to the canyon walls and rock formations, to Mater and Lightning McQueen cruising the streets, you are completely drawn in.
Not only is the theming spot on, but, the attractions are top notch, too. Luigi’s Flying Tires was a bumper car ride in which you float like an air hockey disc. I say “was” because, as of this week, it has been closed for good. It will be replaced by a new Dancing Cars ride. Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is the second. You ride in a wagon, pulled by a tractor as it square-dances to the singing of Mater. I was utterly surprised at how much I enjoyed this ride. It is fun and silly, being slung side-to-side while listening to the comedic calls of Mater. Lastly is the Radiator Springs Racers, my favorite California ride. It is built on the same ride system as Epcot’s Test Track, but this attraction is far superior. You are a race car preparing for the big race. You ride through the desert hills and then through Radiator Springs, preparing for the “big race,” interacting with characters from the movie along the way. Then you zoom through the race. This ride has it all, theming, scenery, comedy and thrills.
Dining optioflons are the Cozy Cones, Filmore’s Taste-In, and Flo’s V8 Cafe’. Cozy Cones offers cone themed snacks. Filmore’s has drinks and fruit. We ate at Flo’s, which is a classic, diner-style, quick service restaurant. Your order at the register and then take a seat inside the diner or pull up to a gas pump table outside. Again, the ambiance is great with diner decor, views of the cliffs, and classic 1950s hits playing on the jukebox. We tried three of the entrees . Perdita and I shared the rotisserie chicken and the turkey dip sandwich. The turkey was excellent. We neither one were impressed with the flavor of the chicken. Roly didn’t breath or speak until his roast beef and cheddar was gone. He gave it a thumbs up. The side dishes were all tasty. Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience.
Sarges Surplus Hut, Ramone’s House of Body Art, and Radiator Springs Curios offer Cars related shopping and souvenirs.
We thoroughly enjoyed Cars Land and can’t wait to go back.
Cars Land is what sets Disney’s California Adventure above Hollywood Studios. I do not believe that it would work at WDW, though. Radiator Spring Racers is too close to Test Track and the Route 66 theme just fits better in Southern California. Maybe extending the Toy Story area like at Hong Kong Disneyland and/or making a Star Wars Land like rumored will bring Hollywood Studios up to par.

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