Perdita’s Disneyland Hotel Review

Today I am going to review The Disneyland Hotel. We stayed there for five nights during our visit to Disneyland. It is one of only three resorts on the actual Disney property, although there are several “partner” hotels that provide bus transportation to the parks. This is in contrast to Walt Disney World that has a multitude of hotels with different price points within the confines of Disney property.

The Disneyland hotel is the only one of the three hotels that Walt Disney himself actually set foot in and had input into its design. Paradise Pier is one of the other three that has a beach theme but doesn’t get the best reviews compared to the other two. The Grand Californian is the newest of the three and is quite impressive in the lobby and common areas (comparable to Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge.) I will review it in another post.

We walked into the check-in area at the Disneyland Hotel in the Fantasyland tower (the other two towers are the Adventureland tower and Frontierland tower.) The lobby is nice but comparable to a nice H

ilton property although with Disney theming. There were teacup chairs (from Alice in Wonderland) to rest in, pictures of the famous people who had visited Disneyland, two gift shops and a large picture of what the original Disneyland Park looked like. Outside there are three restaurants (a quick service dining option, a character breakfast option called Goofy’s kitchen, and a more expensive option called Steakhouse 55.) There is a nice pool area with a monorail themed slide. Unfortunately, the slide was closed during our stay.

The room was renovated and great for a Disney fanatic like me. The headboard was wood with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle carved into the wood. When you flicked a switch on the light, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” would play and the headboard would light up to look like fireworks were going off over the castle. The headboard spanned both queen beds and was really unique.

Other Disney touches were the lights in the bathroom were held up with Mickey hands, the handles on both the bathtub and the sinks were shaped like Mickey heads, Mickey heads in the carpet, Walt Disney’s picture in Disneyland, and a few other things. Each night we returned to our room to find our beds turned down with mints on our pillows. This was a nice and unexpected touch.

In addition to the inside descriptions, it is worth noting that it is connected to Downtown Disney and is just a short walk through Downtown Disney to both California Adventure Park or Disneyland Park. There is also a route through the Grand Californian straight into California Adventure Park and easy access to the monorail which zips you non-stop to Tomorrowland in under 5 minutes.

In summary, we were very pleased with our hotel due to all of the Disney touches as well as the proximity to the park.

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