Roly’s Disneyland Fantasyland Review

Hello, Roly here, and today I will be talking about my favorite land in Disneyland: Fantasyland. Compared to the WDW

Fantasyland, (not including New Fantasyland, which is big enough to be a whole new land) the one in Disneyland is much better. In WDW, Fantasyland is still my favorite, but in the WDW old Fantasyland, there is not enough individual theming for

each ride, except for Winnie the Pooh. Even though I love the look of the WDW version of Fantasyland, it is still mostly a Medieval fair tent theme.

Now onto my review of why I like the Disneyland Fantasyland better. The theming, for each individual ride, is very good, without making it look like a mismatch: Peter Pan’s exterior being a clock-tower, Mr Toad’s being Toad Hall, Snow White’s being the evil witch’s castle, and Pinocchio’s being a toy house look. Two major landmarks in Fantasyland were closed due to the 60th anniversary “diamond” celebration: Matterhorn (which looked cool), and Sleeping Beauty’s castle (which was covered with tarp for renovation.)

Matterhorn_-_Disneyland_2012The rides in Fantasyland were excellent. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was my favorite ride at either Disneyland resort park, and in my top five of all six Disney parks I have been to. Peter Pan’s Flights was closed for renovation also, but since it is my favorite ride of all the six parks I am confidant it would have been great.

 Pinocchio was a great surprise; Snow White was disappointing, but fun; and It’s a Small World was great, and even better then the WDW version.

Also, there were the canal boats, and the Casey Jr. train which were both fun. ( My mom has gone into a bit more detail about the boats in an earlier post. ) Overall, Fantasyland here was my favorite land. To re-iterate, Fantasyland at WDW is better because of the addition of the new Fantasyland section, but I feel that without this addition Disneyland’s Fantasyland is better.

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