Roly’s Favorite Overlooked Attractions

Today I will be reviewing my, favorite “forgotten attractions” at each park. Even though they have short wait times and are mostly unnoticed, they are some of the best.

Magic Kingdom (The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover): this has got to be one of Disney’s best idea’s for a ride. I love being able to board a mini-train and be given a tour of Tomorrowland, which means being able to see inside Space Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear.

Epcot(The Great Piggy Bank Adventure): In Innoventions there

is a mini-attraction, that is not to be missed. You get a piggy bank and go through a series of games trying to earn money up for retirement, vacation, etc. There are many other good games in Innoventions such as Stormstruck, and Sum of All Thrills.

Hollywood Studios(Muppet Vision 3D): This is one of the best WDW shows and yet there is little to no wait for it always. All of the muppets are there, which makes this one of the funniest Disney shows. Even the preshow is great. The 3D is fun, and the two grumpy old men are  hilarious. Overall this is a wonderful show.

Animal Kingdom(Flight’s of Wonder): This show is

Animal Kingdom Flights of Wonder 147amazing, and surprisingly you can get into a show with no wait, and without having to stand. All kinds of birds fly around and do tricks such as: taking someone’s money, or catching a piece of falling fruit. There are eagles and owls, colorful parrots and all kinds of other exotic birds. This show is not to be missed.



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