Ranking of Innoventions Exhibits at Epcot

As was reported this week, Innoventions West and The Great Piggy Bank Adventure in Innoventions East at Epcot are set to close on April 30. A lot of people say that Innoventions is dated and are glad that changes are coming. I will wait and see. I personally like several of the attractions and will miss some of them. The current exhibits in Innoventions East are StormStruck, Habit Heroes, The Sum of All Thrills, Vision House, and Take Nanooze Break. The West Exhibits are Where’s the Fire?,Think, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, and Videogame Playground. Below are my rankings of the current attractions.

1. Stormstruck: If you have not been to this, please do. The lines are short and the show is both fun and educational. You will jump.
2. The Great Piggy Bank Adventure: This one is on the chopping block. It is a family favorite. Roly mentioned it in Overlooked Attractions blog. It is a series of games that 2 or 3 can play as a team. The games are entertaining, require team work and teach about investing. If you will be at WDW before April 30, I recommend that you check it out.
3. Sum of All Thrills: You design your own thrill ride and then test it in a simulator. The lines can be long (for Innoventions), but the result is worth it. It is educational, too.
4. Vision House: Another soon to be EX-attraction. You tour a house with new, eco-friendly products. They have done a good job of keeping it updated and relavent. We will miss it.
5. Where’s the Fire?: Soon to be gone. A team game where you find fire risks in a house. I enjoy it, too.
6 – 9. All forgettable.

To me, Epcot is about making learning entertaining. Innoventions has lived up to that for me. I hope that Disney has something planned for the space. Epcot needs more to do, not less. Having said that, there are a couple of things that I hope are not done. First, I hope that the Tony Stark Hall of Armor and related exhibits that are closing in Disneyland’s Innoventions are not transferred. It is okay, not great, but it offers no educational benefit. Secondly, I hope it is not filled with another meet and greet.

If you have heard any rumors about replacement plans, or if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Ranking of Innoventions Exhibits at Epcot”

  1. I agree that EPCOT needs more, not less. When I was younger, I LOVED innovations. But, as I’ve gotten older I find my time being spent more eating or drinking around the world and learning about the cultures. So, I don’t remember much about innovations, sadly.

    I do hope they do something good with the space! I agree again, that it shouldn’t be another meet and greet…

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