Roly’s Thoughts on “The Three Caballeros” Movie

The Three Caballeros movie review-A teenager’s comedic take on this movie

Hello. Today you will find out a little something about me. I HATE THIS MOVIE. This is by far, my least favorite of the 54 full-length animated Disney movies!!! Even worse than Disney’s Atlantis (By far the worst of the 54).

Shoot em Panchito!
Shoot em Panchito!

For all of you who love the ride, Grand Fiesta Tour staring the Three Caballeros in the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase and are wondering about the connection to the movie by the same name, The Three Caballeros is the second part. Saludos Amigos is the first part, and I will cover that later. First of all, unless you are determined to watch it, DON’T!! That is my opinion. You could check it out and see what you think, but juts be prepared. (Warning: movie may cause headaches, nausea, diarrhea, suicidal thoughts or actions, anger, violent tendencies, hair-pulling, or hostility to everyone. Consult your doctor before watching this movie.)This movie, like many of the weaker Disney movies of this time (Fantasia, Make Mine music, Saludos Amigos, etc.) is separated into segments, connected by a storyline (albeit a weak one) unlike Fantasia. The movie starts off with Donald getting several presents, each one with a short story to go with it. The first one is the only enjoyable part of the movie in my opinion. Donald receives a movie in this one. It is voiced by Sterling Hollaway, (Winnie the Pooh, Cheshire Cat, Mr. Stork) and follows a cold- blooded penguin, who longs to get away from the south pole and onto a sunny island somewhere far away. I won’t give away how this ends but you can probably guess. The next one is a story about a

This just in, Jose Carioca died of lung cancer, SHOCKER.
This just in, Jose Carioca died of lung cancer, SHOCKER.

boy with a flying donkey, much like dumbo, and could be found entertaining by some… but not me (just watch Dumbo, it’s much better.) The last of the three is where it gets ridiculously boring. Jose Carioca returns to Donald in the last present, a pop-up book. Jose croons a horrible song about the town of Baia, which seems to go on for an eternity. They eventually fall for a woman; (yes, a human woman), and the theme of the ENTIRE rest of the movie begins.

Just give it up Donald, your a duck.
Just give it up Donald, your a duck.

I will not go much into much of the rest of the movie, as I have already given it more time than it deserves, but I will elaborate on what I said about the theme of the movie. First though, let me give some good news. You are through almost a third of the movie by now. The hair pulling and other side effects may begin, as I am sure the rest of the warnings are far behind you (except maybe nausea and vomiting.) The “theme” is arguably a tour of Mexico, with the third Caballero, Panchito. But no… THIS is not the REAL theme. The true theme is Donald trying to kiss, stare at, make out with, kidnap or.. ok i’m getting ahead of myself. Maybe i’m looking into it a BIT too much. But basically he tries to get a woman the whole rest of the movie. Now if you are not: 1-dead or 2-asleep by the end, then you are probably one of those people who enjoyed Hugo, or Ponyo. If this is true, well, you are beyond my help I am afraid.

Yeah, you show 'em ,Panchito!!!
Yeah, you show ’em ,Panchito!!!

Thanks, Roly. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Roly’s Thoughts on “The Three Caballeros” Movie”

  1. The only part about “The Three Caballeros” I ever really liked was Mary Blair’s artistic influence, but she put her mark on so many movies and attractions during her time, I can enjoy her without having to endure watching this.


  2. Watched this recently. Didn’t think it was that bad! Definitely not one of my favorites but it had some fun songs in it. Completely agree about Donald though. They made him seem like some pervert in this movie. Creeped me out.


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