Attractions With Short Wait Times

Attractions/Rides with short waits (normally) at WDW-Part 1(Magic Kingdom)-

If you are going to the Disney World and have used up your fast passes at one park or park hop and have used them already at another park, there are several attractions/rides with consistently short wait times. Today in part 1, I will just cover Magic Kingdom. Later, I will cover the other three parks.

Enchanted_Tiki_Room_at_Walt_Disney_World_Magic_KingdomAt Magic Kingdom there are several places with short wait times. In Adventureland, The Enchanted Tiki Room is on a schedule with generous seating so you just have to wait until one group gets out before you can go inside for the show. This is known as being the first attraction with audio-animatronics and Walt Disney’s favorite. The Swiss Family Treehouse is a walk-through attraction with a lot of climbing up stairs based on the movie of the same name. It has many things from the movie such as the bedroom and kitchen furniture/accessories. You may have to wait behind a slow person climbing the stairs, but it goes quickly.

In Frontierland, The Country Bears Jamboree is also on a schedule with a large seating capacity, thus making the wait short. It is under-appreciated and easily overlooked, but I think after going the second time that it is a hoot!

In Liberty Square, The Hall of Presidents is another scheduled attraction with a large seating capacity, thus a short wait. (It should be noted that the wait is inside a lobby with comfortable seating and interesting displays with heat or air-conditioning.) It is a very interesting short history of our presidents and some U.S. history.

In Fantasyland, Philharmagic is on a schedule with a large auditorium seating configuration, so the wait is short. This is one of our family favorites and no one should miss it. It provides a multi-sensorial experience; one of the few in Walt Disney World. It’s a Small World at times has a short wait, but at times a moderate to long wait. The Voyage of the Little Mermaid is also unpredictable; with at times short waits and at others long ones. Dumbo is usually a quick wait.

The Carousel of Progress
The Carousel of Progress

In Tomorrowland, The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover is almost always a quick ride to board. Disney’s Carousel of Progress is very quick to board. Everyone should see this attraction. This is one of attractions that was entered into the World’s Fair by Walt Disney.


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