Disney Challenge

Here are the Disney Challenge questions:

1- First time you went to Disney World? Roly: 2009: mom/Perdita:1977; dad/Pongo: 1973

2- Favorite park? Roly: Magic Kingdom; mom/Perdita:Magic Kingdom: Pongo: Magic Kingdom

3- Favorite land in Magic Kingdom? Roly: Fantasyland; mom/Perdita: Fantasyland; Pongo: Tomorrowland

4- Favorite Disney resort hotel? Roly: Beach Club; mom/Perdita: The Beach Club Hotel; Pongo/dad: Beach Club

5- Favorite snack? Roly: LeFou’s Brew; mom/Perdita: LeFou’s Brew or cream-cheese-filled pretzel; dad/Pongo: N/A

6- Favorite souvenir? Roly: N/A; mom/Perdita: Disney paintings or Disney knickknacks; dad/Pongo: Mickey Mouse watch

7- Favorite table service and counter service? Roly: TS=Sci-fi Dine in Theater Cs=Contempo Cafe at The Contemporary Resort; mom/Perdita: TS-Tony’s Townsquare Restaurant, CS-Contempo Cafe at The Contemporary Resort; dad/Pongo: TS-50’s Primetime Cafe; CS-Contempo Cafe

8- Favorite ride? Roly: Peter Pan’s Flight; mom/Perdita: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Soarin’, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train; dad/Pongo:Tower of Terror

9- Favorite show? Roly: Muppet Vision 3D; mom/Perdita: Philharmagic; Pongo/dad: Finding Nemo the Musical

10- Favorite parade or fireworks? Roly: Festival of Fantasy; mom/Perdita: Wishes: Pongo/dad: Illuminations

11- Favorite pavilion in Epcot? Roly: UK; mom/Perdita: UK; dad/Pongo: UK

12- What color is your magic band? Roly: Orange; mom/Perdita: Blue; Pongo/dad: green

13- Favorite character to meet? Roly: Belle; mom/Perdita: Winnie the Pooh and Dug (from UP); dad/Pongo: Dug

14- A character you haven’t met but really want to? Roly: Peter Pan and Wendy and Robin Hood; mom/Perdita: Other Pooh characters besides Pooh Bear and Tigger; dad/Pongo: Robin Hood

15- Your best Disney memory? Roly: Staying at the Beach Club concierge level for the first time; mom/Perdita: Also staying at the Beach Club concierge for the first time at Christmas; dad/Pongo: first trip with Roly to WDW

So there you have it. Those are all of our answers to the Disney Challenge. We would love to see all you do this challenge!!! If you do please let us know so we can check out your answers.

Have a Magical week everyone!

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