Other Disney Animated Movie Voices-

I’m going to tell you about some more famous character voices you may enjoy. There are several actors that Walt Disney used repeatedly in his live-action and animated movies. Last week I told you about my favorite voice; Sterling Holloway. This week I’m going to tell you about two more: Phil Harris and Kathryn Beaumont. Neither of these names sound familiar, but I’m sure the characters they voiced will be familiar to you.

First, Phil Harris, did the voice acting for both Baloo in The Jungle Book, Thomas O’Malley (the alley-cat) in The Aristocats, and Little John in Robin Hood. Harris was also a bandleader in the 1940’s, an actor in radio, television, and films. He was a pretty good singer too; singing keys songs in The Jungle Book like “Bare Necessities“, and joining Louis Prima in “I Wanna Be Like You“. He joined Scatman Crothers in The Aristocats in singing “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat“. In Robin Hood he sang “The Phony King Of England“.  In 1989, Harris returned for a few episodes in the cartoon series TaleSpin as Baloo, before being replaced by Ed Gilbert. His last role was in 1991 in the film Rock-A-Doodle (not a Disney film) as the laid-back basset hound Patou. He died in 1995.Little_John

thomas o'malleyBalooKathryn Beaumont was an English actress, singer and school teacher who also did the voice of Alice for Alice In Wonderland and as Wendy in Peter Pan. Beaumont reprised her roles as Alice and Wendy in subsequent reappearances until 2005 when her roles were taken over by Hynden Walch. Beaumont is still living and is 76-years-old.wendy-darling-peter-pan-14526422-576-416

alice in wonderlandKathryn-beaumont-profile-pictureMost people aren’t aware of the talent behind the voice actors. Their faces aren’t seen, but they are certainly a huge part of making the films so enjoyable and memorable.


34 thoughts on “Other Disney Animated Movie Voices-”

  1. These are 2 of the greats. Are you going to keep up this series? I hope so because you are absolutely right voice actors do not get the respect they deserved. One thing I liked about the recent Spongebob movie is that it used mainly voice actors not celebrities.

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    1. I think I will! Any ideas? I did Sterling Holloway because he is my favorite. Then a reader requested Kathryn Beaumont. I did Phil Harris because we like those characters and he was versatile and talented. I always loved the tv show “The Penguins of Madagascar”. Nick cancelled it, but the voice talents were great; esp. Jeff Bennett. He did Kowalski on the tv show but in the movies they got different people not from the show that weren’t as good. Jeff Bennett also did Johnny Bravo. I love him but I guess I shouldn’t do him because he isn’t Disney, but I might cover him anyway along with someone who is Disney. Glad you are liking these articles. To be honest, I am really enjoying doing them!

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      1. I love the idea of doing some modern voice actors. I went to a panel at comicon with Jess Arnell, Jim Cummings and Rob Paulsen and they were AMAZING. Any of them would be great. Tom Kenny the voice of Spongebob would also be great.

        As far as old school you definitely have to do Verna Felton who was the voice of Queen of Hearts, Fairy Godmother, Aunt Sarah and many more

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      2. Wow I didn’t know the same lady did Queen of Hearts and the Fairy Godmother! and Aunt Sarah. Have you ever seen Jeff Bennett in anything? I think he could do any voice. Hey, I just remembered, Jeff Bennett does the voice of Merlin in the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game! Now I know I’m going to do him! I want to do Verna Felton now too! Thanks for the idea.

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      3. Yeah my husband always mentions him. One of my favorite movies of all time UP; the voice of Dug did the voice of Roz in Monsters, Inc. which you probably knew. There is a lot of overlap.

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      4. Did you really fall for Dug? I fell completely for him. Of course I want a golden retriever too, but he was so endearing. “I’ve been hiding under your porch because I love you!”. UP really gets me because it reminds me of my mom and dad. My dad died in 1984 and he was my mom’s only real boyfriend and they were so devoted to each other.

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      5. I loved Dug. So funny. Squirrel! I had a similar experience watching Up that you had. My Grandpa was my hero watching Up is like a hug from him. It reminds me that those who have left us are always a part of our journey. I love the Ellie is a palpable force throughout the movie. He talks to her and you can feel her influence. It reminds me my Grandpa is there. I could watch Up every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

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      6. I just read your review of Inside Out. It is a great comprehensive review. It makes me even more anxious to see it! I tried to leave a comment but my computer got stuck on the page and wouldn’t let me. I am usually not on the wordpress reader. I had seen you are reviewing all of the 54 animated Disney movies. My son was going to do that, since he has seen every one. He will review some, but I’m sure not all. I have seen most, but not all of them. I will read more on your website tomorrow. I’m interested to see what you had to say about a lot of them.

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      7. That’d be great! I tore my MCL and was desparate for something to do. Reviewing the Disney Canon saved my sanity and I’ve just kept on blogging bc I love it. I also have a youtube channel which is a lot of work but very fun

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      8. I didn’t know you have a youtube channel! I will have to go on. It’s my husband that has been on wordpress and I have been on twitter and reading articles about blogging; trying to get a handle on things. I post articles on here, but then haven’t been on the reader hardly ever. I will definitely check out your site.

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      9. Well I haven’t seen the ones my son says are duds anyway. I haven’t seen Atlantis, The Black Cauldron (which he said is okay), all of Fantasia, all of Princess and the Frog . A lot I half-watch or a few like the above-mentioned. I can’t think of any others but there are just a hand full.


      10. Cool. I love Fantasia. Black Cauldron has lots of problems but isn’t as bad as people say. Atlantis I actually kind of love but I’m in the minority on that one. You’ll have fun checking out the reviews.

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      11. The voice actors of the Simpsons would be on my list as well but I dont know if you like that show


      12. I really don’t. I mainly like the oldies, but some modern shows. Not so many though. In the last many years there haven’t been many. For cartoon, when my son was younger we watched a lot; I really loved The Penguins of Madagascar and I like Johnny Bravo pretty well. For non-animated I like Psych, Monk, and Person of Interest, but that is pretty much it.

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      13. I have an old Doris Day DVD called Starlift with Phil Harris in it and it totally weirds me out. I keep thinking “whats Baloo doing in this movie?”

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