Overcoming Fear of Flying

Aerophobia is  commonly known as the fear of flying. It is the 9th most common fear and is said to affect approximately 25 million people. For many years I suffered with this so severely that I wouldn’t board a plane, no matter the circumstances. The following is my advice to you or a loved one for overcoming this fear. I will also go over the common clinical advice to cope with fear of flying.I hope this article will help you. By traveling more, you will most certainly increase your quality of life and expand your world. I speak from experience. I hope by cataloguing my experiences with this, I will help you.

My personal journey with aerophobia began immediately with my first bumpy flight. It was so rough that I was afraid we would never mak… [For full post, check out our new website: http://www.familytravelescapades.com/overcoming-fear-of-flying/]

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