Disney’s California Adventure World of Color

I hope you enjoy the photos!  They were taken with an iPad during our last visit to Disneyland;, so they obviously could have been better.  It is certainly impressive and a not to miss event if you visit Disney’s California Adventure… [You may notice that there are no photos, that is because if you give two pence aboout seeing them you will click this link: http://www.familytravelescapades.com/california-adventure-world-of-color/ :3)

British Influence in the Disney Parks

"planning an overseas trip"

Look around the next time you visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World.  Nations and cultures from around the world are represented.  You will definitely notice a strong British Influence in the Disney parks.


  • "Jolly Holiday Cafe'"Jolly Holiday Cafe’ on Main Street U.S.A. comes from ‘Mary Poppins” which is set in London
  • "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride"

    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is based on “Wind and the Willows” and takes you on an exciting motorcar ride through Lon… (for full post, go to this site, if you follow us here, than follow us over there. Just go over, follow, and like our new site: http://www.familytravelescapades.com/british-influence-in-the-disney-parks/

My top Five Reasons for Visiting Great Britain

My Top 5 Reasons For Visiting Great Britain

"Tower Bridge in London"

"Big Ben"

I have yet to venture to many places and have never been overseas. There are so many beautiful places I want to see and many interesting cultures to explore. I have a long list of places I want to see, but I chose Great Britain as my first overseas destination for various reasons.  These are my top 5 reasons for choosing it.

"J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis"

"C.S. Lewis home-The Kilns"

1)J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis

These are my favorite authors and my thinking and imagination were shaped partially by these two authors that hailed from Great Britain. They are really my heroes in many ways and I want to see their old “stomping grounds” as it were. One such place is The Eagle and Child pub (commonly known as the Bird and Baby or simply just the Bird) in Oxf……. (For full post, click the following like [to our other website, a better website, you should follow us there instead] http://www.familytravelescapades.com/my-top-5-reasons-for-visiting-great-britain/

British Literature Travel Plans

We are leaving next week for our first overseas adventure to Great Britain.  We will be staying in London, Edinburgh, and the Cotswolds and exploring from each.  The history, the culture, and the scenery are so rich!  Many of the images in my mind of Britain are based on literature.  The destinations and experiences that I am most anticipating all revolve around literature (with one exception – see footnote *).

"The busy, busy world of richard scary"

My earliest exposure to Great Britain came from Richard Scarry and Winnie the Pooh.  As a child, I would flip through “Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy World.”  For some reason, the double… For full post… click this link: http://www.familytravelescapades.com/british-literature-travel-plans/

Day Trips From Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado is a great family travel destination with loads of activities to keep you entertained.  Click on the link and read “Colorado Springs Must See List” for in-town activities.  There are also several options for easy day trips from Colorado Springs that allow you to further explore the mountains and high desert.  Here […ful post here —>http://www.familytravelescapades.com/day-trips-from-colorado-springs/ <——-CLICK IT

Top 5 Disney Get Wet Rides

Roly (son) Water rides are some of the best. They are perfect for hot days when you need to cool off or just want to get wet. With the prices at Disney parks, it might be better than buying a soda. Here are my Top 5 Disney Get Wet Rides, from both Walt Disney World [… for full post go to our new site, which is our main focus. We will eventualy stop posting on here entirely, but until then, stay posted. http://www.familytravelescapades.com/top-5-disney-get-wet-rides/

And now for something completely unrelated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZa26_esLBE


Disney Parks Tip: The Single Rider Line

"Single Rider Line at Radiator Springs Racers"

Some rides at Disneyland and Walt Disney World offer single rider lines. For the single rider line, you have to be okay with being seated where-ever there is a space. You will not be seated with anyone else from your party. When there is an empty seat on a ride such as when there is a party of 3 on a ride with 2 seats per row, you are seated in the seat next to third member of that party. It is a great way to decrease wait time, if you don’t mind riding “alone.” The reason to do this is to cut your wait time. In general, I have found that you can usually cut your wait time compared to the stand-by line by 1/2 to 1/3.


"California Screams has a single rider line"

The California parks employ this on more rides; so, we will start there.


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Top 10 Places at Magic Kingdom

This is a completely subjective list of course. That is the whole point. These 10 places were chosen for the feeling I get when I am in the places; whether they are a recognized attraction or just a resting spot. I will elaborate why I chose each of the ten. I hope you will respond with some of your favorite places.

1)The Enchanted Forest by Gaston’s Tavern-

I chose this because of the many good memories I have had sitting outside of Gaston’s Tavern with a Lafou’s Brew. I think this spot is unparalleled in all of Walt Disney World for the peace it brings. It is… (for full post click the link: http://www.familytravelescapades.com/top-10-places-at-magic-kingdom/)

Best Flatbreads of WDW

Margherita Flatbread at Gasparilla Island Grill (photo from DisneyFoodBlog

Disney parks are the masters of the flatbread.  The quality of Disney’s food can run the gamut and is often debated.  I have found that the flatbreads consistantly are flavorful, filling, and a good value.  Many are like personal pizzas, which is good; others branch into new culninary territories and are pleasant surprises for your taste buds.  If you are set on pizza, check out the prior article on Pizza at Walt Disney World.  I have tried nearly every flatbread at the parks and the deluxe/DVC resorts.  Here are in my opinion the 5 best flatbreads at WDW…  [for full post see: http://www.familytravelescapades.com/best-flatbreads-of-wdw/

Gaston’s Tavern

Belle’s Village is my favorite part of Magic Kingdom. There are two buildings that make it up. The first is Gaston’s Tavern, and the second is Bonjour Gifts. Gaston’s Tavern is designed after the tavern in “Beauty and the Beast” where the citizens in the bar sang “Gaston.” Gaston’s Tavern is made up of two sitting […For rest of post see: http://www.familytravelescapades.com/gastons-tavern/]