Little Known Facts About It’s A Small World

It’s a Small World is one of the most beloved rides in the Disney parks. It premiered in Disneyland, but is now in all 5 Disney parks. There is a wealth of information available about It’s a Small World. Below are some of things that you may not know and may find interesting about the ride.

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Top 10 Disney Songs

This is a list of my top 10-ish Disney songs. I cheated and couldn’t pick 10, so for sake of round numbers I chose 20 with a little about each one. This list is really in no particular order, and I could have had more. There are links of the songs with videos.  I hope you enjoy this list and will think of your favorites as well. In honor of the power of music in movies, below is the scene from UP that tells the story of Carl and Ellie.

1)Winnie-the-Pooh theme song-Since this is my favorite Disney movie (The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh) I had to have this as part of the top 10.

2)Up Down Touch the Ground-Another song from the Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh. I love when Pooh says he is doing his stoutness exercises.

3)Bare Necessities-This is such a happy song from The Jungle Book and Phil Harris who voiced Baloo also sang this song. (for full post go to the following link:

A Stroll Through Disney’s California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure, along with Disneyland Resort, are the two parks making up Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  It has not always been very popular, but with the addition of Cars Land and the re-imagining of Grizzly Peak, it is much improved and gaining popularity.  For those better acquainted with Walt Disney World in Florida, there are parts of Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, but it definitely has its own personality.  Here is a brief pictorial stroll through Disney’s California Adventure.  Enjoy!

Buena Vista Street

Open entering the park, you are on Buena Vista Street which is themed on 1930s Hollywood and includes a replica of the Carthay (To continue reading, check out our new site…)

10 Reasons to Run the Space Coast Maratheon

"2015 Space Coast Marathon"

The Space Coast Marathon is held after Thanksgiving each year on the Atlantic coast of Florida in the beautiful town of Cocoa.  It is Florida’s longest, continually running, annual marathon.  The name and space theming stem from it’s proximity to Cape Canaveral and NASA.  The Space Coast Marathon is a well ran, friendly, mid-sized race with great scenery and the extra space themed fun factor.  Here are the top 10 reasons why you should register to run the Space Coast Marathon.

***As with real estate, it begins with location, location, location.***

  1. "Space Coast Marathon near Disney"

    Location:  1 hour from Orlando Theme Parks.  Cocoa Village is an easy 1 hour drive from Walt Disney.. [For full post go to our new and better site:

July 32, 2015: Disney Weekly News Roundup

"Disney Weekly News Roundup"
July 31, 2015: Disney Weekly News Roundup
  • Disney has added watermarks over PhotoPass images on the website.  They are trying to stop people from taking screen shots of their photos to save money.
  • A fight broke out between three women in line for Test Track at Epcot last Saturday.  Hot days and long lines can wear on one’s nerves.
  • Garden Grill Restaurant in the Land Pavilion at Epcot will begin to serve lunch again on November 8.
  • Disney Channel will host their first ever on-line casting call for actors between the ages of 10 and 17 through August 6. DisneyChannelTalentSearch
  • Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters attraction will open next year at Disney’s California Adventure where Luigi’s Casa della Tires was located.  Rumor has it that it will operate via the GPS system used on the Tokyo Disney Winnie the Pooh ride.
  • Walt Disney:  One Man’s Dream and Voyage of the Little Mermaid are rumored to join Mushu and The Magic of Disney Animation as the next attractions to close in Hollywood Studios sometime this fall, making way for the upcoming changes to the park.
  • Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios has undergone it’s first change to the projection portion in 17 years.  Tangled, Princess and the Frog, and Frozen can now be viewed.
  • Reservations can now be made for premium events at the 2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival by calling Disney at (407) 939-3378.
  • Chase Disney Visa Card is offering exclusive benefits and events at the 2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival for cardholders.  As in previous years, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, changing stations and an interactive section will be available at the Chase Lounge on the third floor of the American Adventure.  There will also be three special dining events:  Brews, Breakfast and More (Sept. 28), The Making of the Party for the Senses (Oct. 27), and The Creation of the Food and Wine Festival Marketplaces (Nov. 9).  For more information, check out

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Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain
Space Mountain exterior

Space Mountain is by far my favorite roller-coaster at Walt Disney World. It is the original WDW roller-coaster. It has a great queue, wonderful theming, and sharp turns. It is one of the biggest eye-catchers in Magic Kingdom park. It’s distinct cone-like design with spires on top really stands out.  It only reaches 27 mph, but it makes up for it with sharp turns and sudden drops in the dark.

This ride was planned by Walt Disney after the success of the Matterhorn at Disneyland. Walt Disney planned it with 4 tracks, but due to his death, and WDW going over budget, they had to downsize the plan to 2 tracks. After WDW’s opening, the imagineers realized that there was no thrill ride in the Magic Kingdom. So four years after the opening of Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain opened.  January 15 of this year was the fortieth anniversary of the ride.

Space Mountain
Space Mountain games

The queue of this ride is one of the best in all of WDW. Upon entering, you pass by several grey balls, that are supposed to represent moon-rocks. You then pass several interactive games. 3D screens show planets and what looks like the roller-coasters going past. Once past that, you continue down the tunnel, past windows through which you can see riders blasting off in their rockets. A cast member then directs you into one of two lines, which go to their respective tracks.

Once in your rocket, you ease into a tunnel where launch instructions are given.  You then proceed to the launch bay. Flashing blue lights come at you at increasing speed, to simulate speeding up and blasting off. At the end of this tunnel, get ready for the PhotoPass picture.   You then go up a hill, passing astronauts and a spaceship.  Look closely and sometimes you can see the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover passing by.

You are now ready for fun; the actual roller coaster. The almost complete darkness helps the ride feel faster than it is, with sudden drops and fast turns. The only light comes from stars twinkling above and the occasional wormhole. Space Mountain, in my opinion, has some of the best effects and atmosphere of all the rides in WDW. The “stars” are placed so well all around that you feel like you really have blasted off into space.

Space Mountain at Walt Disney World is my favorite roller-coaster by far. Nothing can compare to it; not even the Disneyland version. I will talk more about Disneyland’s Space Mountain later; and  how it falls short. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinerest, and if you are a follower of our old site ( switch over and follow us here.

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