Perdita (Elaine):  wife and mother who is always planning the next Disney trip.  I also contribute to WDWfanzone and WDWdailynews. We have been to WDW more times than I can keep track of in the last few years; Disneyland once (going again soon); one Disney cruise (going again soon); and would like to see Disneyland Paris and Tokyo. We own DVC, watch every Disney movie, plan our next trip before we leave, and decorate our home and even yard with Disney. Planning our next trip which will be our first trip overseas; to Great Britain.
I also homeschool Noah.
I love old comedies and movies (not just Disney).



Roly ( Noah):  14 year old punk who likes Disney. Fanaticism grows by the visit! Also likes Monty Python, Legos, Psych, and creating Lego movies.

Pongo (Brook):  husband, father, Disneyphile, avid runner.

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Im so jealous you’ve gone to WDW many times and also Disney cruise. Id love to go back again 😦 as well as to go on the cruise. Disneyland Paris is lovely btw! hehe love your blog! 🙂 Xx


    1. Hi, Thanks. Don’t be jealous. You are much younger than I am! We all write the blog: myself, my husband and my son. He is who you should be jealous of! Just kidding. I never got to go hardly anywhere until very recently. I’m trying to make up for lost time! I’m partially trying to help people go to Disney World cheaper; at least some of my posts are on that. Glad you like our blog!

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      1. HA HA! Either way Im jealous of you 3 😛 and that’s very nice of you! Im hoping to go back to WDW someday but probably not too soon hehe 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your post! Xx


      2. Oh yes! Im so interested in Star Wars Weekend thats been happening for the past few weekends. Have you been for any? what’s it like?


      3. That is probably the only thing we haven’t been to. Honestly, we have been to Flower and Garden several times, Food and Wine, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We need to do that though. My son used to like Star Wars more than he does now. We will probably go to that too eventually.

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  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my disney challenge post. Was fun doing it ! I love your blog and love that its a family blog. Loking forward to reading more.
    ari 😃

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  3. Hello!
    I represent In With the Disney and I saw that you are closing down your other site. I was considered starting a second one, but if you are closing yours down, I would be happy to continue it for you. Please email me back or comment on my site too let me know.


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