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Perdita, Pongo, and Roly

A Growing Disney Addiction

Pondering Disney’s addictiveness-

Here you can see Alice's cottage, and the countryside from Alice in Wonderland. (Hopefully!)
Here you can see Alice’s cottage, and the countryside from Alice in Wonderland. (Hopefully!)

I have noticed that each time we return from Disney World we want to go back even sooner, think about it more, have more collectibles for our home, anticipate our next trip more, talk about it more, etc. Is this the sign of an addiction? This sounds like a joke but I think we as a family (my son and I with the worst addiction) are truly addicted to the whole Disney World “magic”.

We started ramping up our Disney visits in 2012. We went from the magical Christmas visit of 2011 when we returned for Christmas of 2012 to then going for the Flower & Garden Festival that same year. We did that for a couple of years and then last year went to the Food & Wine Festival in 2014. We still went over Christmas in 2014 and shortly thereafter went to Disneyland for the first time. We were so in love with Disneyland we are planning a return trip this summer. We are even fantasizing about someday going to Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo. I am afraid that will take some time but it is fun to look at the layouts for the parks and the hotels, etc.

It is really a treat to see all seven of the dwarfs, or any; however at special events such as Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party you can catch a rare picture with them.
It is really a treat to see all seven of the dwarfs, or any; however at special events such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party you can catch a rare picture with them.

An addiction is usually thought of as harmful and something destructive like an addiction to alcohol or drugs. An addiction can be healthy and fun like running or visiting Disney. Of course anything can be done to excess; even the above mentioned things. But really

when is it excessive? Four visits per year? Five? For now, we are enjoying every minute of our visits, our memories of our last visits, and our planning of our next visit. Why spoil things with too much analysis, right?


Pongo’s Disney Story

Pongo here, and this is my Disney story; how I went from visiting once per decade to 2-3 times per year.  I visited the Disney in ’73,’84,’91, and ’99 before finally diving in head first in ’09.

I don’t remember 1973 at WDW.  I was only 2.  I am certain, though, that I was oblivious and was being hurled into the ankles of other unsuspecting visitors with my stroller being pushed as fast as my mom could go.  In ’84’ at Disneyland, I still remember watching from the queue as people shrank in front of me into the Monsanto Mighty  Microscope on “Adventures Through Inner Space.”  Steel drums rang out island music in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland during Disney Spring Break “91.  “99 was capped off by the Tapestry of Nations Parade at Epcot, with dancing puppets, stilt walkers, and rotating drum machines.  The magic was always there, and I was impressed, but not yet a fanatic.

Roly’s first trip in 2009 was great, experiencing everything fresh through his eyes.  We spent 2 weeks during Christmas 2011.  Staying this long, I was able to slow down, soak it all in and appreciate details.  Wow!!  There are so many details.  Waking up on a bench in the warm sun in the rear of  the British pavilion next to Perdita while Roly chased squirrels was the moment that I understood that I wanted the “Welcome Home” greeting at Disney to be somewhat of a reality.  I look forward to returning any time that I get a chance.

Roly’s Disney Story

Hello! I am Roly, and this is the story of how i became part of the Disney cult. I first went when I was 8, in 2009, and liked the rides, but that was about it. I just remember going on the roller-coasters, and vaguely remember some rides like Snow White’s Scary Adventures,Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh. Now at that time, I didn’t notice the atmosphere in Main Street, or Fantasyland or the rest.  I was just focused on getting on the rides.   I didn’t get into the theme of the parks.
It wasn’t until after the 2nd time I went in 2011 that I just couldn’t wait to get back.
The next time really changed how I thought about Walt Disney World, though. My parents bought a book, “The Magic of Walt Disney World,” about all the hidden things in the park that made me start to look around and notice the details, instead of just thinking about which ride I was going on next.
The 3rd trip and after,(2012-present) have been even better than the first two times. Topped off by staying at the Beach Club Resort’s concierge the 2nd and 3rd vacations. Walt Disney World has grown on me ever since the very first time, and I am looking forward to the next trip as soon as we leave.


Perdita’s Disney Story

The  magic of Disney captivated me from the time I can remember through their movies and the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.  I visited Walt Disney World when I was 17 with my family when there was no Epcot and no fastpasses.  We stood for an hour in the hot Orlando sun in August to ride one ride.  I remember with fondness an Eastern Airlines ride that simulated flight, a submarine ride and a few others that are no longer there as well as some that are.  We all came away glad for the experience, even with the sweltering heat and the crowds.

I went again in 1982 when Epcot was new.  We all loved the entire experience, even though a lot of the attractions that are there now were not operational then; but, the countries  and the whole concept were mesmerizing.  I returned a few times between then and 2009 becoming increasingly taken by the magic during each trip.

It was during the 2009 trip that we first stayed at the Beach Club Hotel.  I was taken in with the beauty of the hotel, the charm of the cast members, and certainly the proximity to the parks.  To be able to just walk into Epcot in a few minutes made all the difference in my enjoyment of the park.  We rode the Friendship boats to Hollywood Studios and enjoyed them almost as much as the park.

We returned again in 2011 during the Christmas season.  This trip marks the true start of my utter fascination, addiction, fanaticism (supply similar adjective).  This trip could not have been any better for a variety of reasons.  We stayed at the Beach Club again and, to my great surprise and enjoyment, we were upgraded to the concierge floor.  They supplied us with food and drink and turndown service.  The thing that “made” the trip however was all of the Christmas ambience from the smells and music at the Beach Club to all of the beautiful decorations both inside and outside.

Since then, we have dove in head first, returning several times per year, taking a Disney cruise, and going to Aulani.  I look forward to sharing insight that I have gained including seasonal variation, theme park tips, money-saving tips, hotel tips, DVC tips, and more.

Yours truly, Perdita.

Coming tomorrow:  Our feelings on the removal of the Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Welcome to the “Second Star to the Right Disney Blog.”  My name is…not important, but you can call me Pongo.  My wife, Perdita, our son, Roly, and I will all be contributing.  We have become Disney fanatics together, but of course, each have our different perspectives.

We live in the fly-over zone of America.  So, most of our experiences are from Walt Disney World.  We have spent Christmas, Easter, and Halloween at WDW.  We have attended the Flower and Garden and Food and Wine Festivals.  We are Disney Vacation Club members, have stayed in many of the resorts and villas, and are fortunate to visit 2-3 times per year.  We have also gone on a Disney cruise, vacationed at Aulani, and will soon be going to Disneyland in California.  We have many experiences to share.

Our goals of this blog are to share experiences, give reviews, offer tips, discuss Disney news, and give general commentary on all things Disney (and occasionally related topics).  Hopefully, you will find this blog helpful, informative, and occasionally entertaining.