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Overcoming Fear of Flying

Aerophobia is  commonly known as the fear of flying. It is the 9th most common fear and is said to affect approximately 25 million people. For many years I suffered with this so severely that I wouldn’t board a plane, no matter the circumstances. The following is my advice to you or a loved one for overcoming this fear. I will also go over the common clinical advice to cope with fear of flying.I hope this article will help you. By traveling more, you will most certainly increase your quality of life and expand your world. I speak from experience. I hope by cataloguing my experiences with this, I will help you.

My personal journey with aerophobia began immediately with my first bumpy flight. It was so rough that I was afraid we would never mak… [For full post, check out our new website:]

Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa

Travel + Leisure magazine rated Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, the Best Family Hotel in the United States.  From our family’s experience there, we can see why.  Aulani is located in Ko Olina, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  Our family visited Aulani around Christmas 2014.  We had a wonderful time and could not have been more impressed.  This article is an overview of Aulani.  There is too much to do to give an adequate review in one blog.  More detailed articles on Aulani specifics are coming later.

Mickey Mouse at Aulani


First, Aulani is definitely a Disney resort, but like the Walt Disney World deluxe resorts and the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland, the Disney presence is somewhat subtle, not in… [For full post, check out out new and better site:]

July 24, 2015: Disney Weekly News Roundup

  • Colortopia by Glidden will open this fall at Epcot Innoventions.  Guests will be lead through hands-on activities exploring color.
  • Hollywood Studios is testing assigned seating, as opposed to the first come first serve method currently employed for Fantasmic!.  Seats are assigned using the FastPass+ kiosks.
  • “Escape to Walt’s Wilderness” is a new tour offered at WDW.   The 5 hour tour begins at the Contempor… [For full post, go to out newer and better site:]

Disney Vacation Club Resorts and Point Chart

In todays article we will cover a bit more about the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). I’m going to give an example to illustrate how this works, and tell you every property that is part of the Disney Vacation Club. Future articles will cover the many other aspects of the DVC.

First, there are 14 properties that are part of the Disney Vacation Club. Disney categorizes their properties into 4 groups: value, moderate, deluxe, and deluxe…. [For full post, check out our new and better website:

Flagstaff, Arizona

Northern Arizona is a beautiful region of the U.S. that is filled with history and natural wonders. Flagstaff, Arizona sits in the middle of this wonderful region and serves as a perfect hub from which to explore. Flagstaff is a college town at around 7000 feet elevation. Set amidst pine forests at the base of the San Francisco Peaks your family will enjoy exploring the town and the surrounding area. Expect it to be sunny and dry in the summer, and cold and snowy in winter. Here are the top 8 family travel attractions within easy driving distance from Flagstaff divided into proximity for easy planning.

In and Around Town –

Historic Route 66 runs through the middle of downtown. There are themed restaurants, motels, and shops… (For complete post, check out our new site:

Roly’s Favorite parts of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Mr. Toads Wild Ride is my favorite ride at Disneyland in California. It is taken from the Disney animated movie ‘Ichabod and Mr. Toad.’ I have previously written a short review about this ride. I stated in that review that I would go more in depth. So let me tell you about my favorite parts of the ride.

Mr. Toad has many “scenes” in it This helps make it such a good ride. You quickly go in and out of several rooms as you run from the police in Mr. Toad’s car. My favorite part is right after you leave Toad Hall and crash out of his greenhouse. You go to a dimly lit area. This is one of the best uses of the dark, in dark ride. You can’t see the ceiling. It looks like a dark night outside. Many Disney rides, such as Winnie the Pooh and It’s a Small World, fail at this. Their ceilings are easily noticeable; and if you look up, there goes the magic.

This ride is the only ride to still use the old, cardboard characters. This means that the characters can’t move the same as the Audio-animatronics. It does mean that the characters are brighter, though. It is cool to see the old way, before the mannequin-style animatronics and the more advanced Audio-animatronics. The scene of the countryside has cut-out trees, and several policemen, and a farmer. The first police man’s hand extends toward you as you drive towards him. You then quickly switch course. He has a club in his hand and is dressed like the rest of the policemen, with a old-time police uniform. He also has a bicycle leaning on a fence nearby. As you swerve back away from him, you can, if you have a keen eye, quickly glimpse Ratty’s house. Ratty is one of Mr. Toad’s friends from the movie. If you examine a picture of it, you will see that it appears as in the movie, with a thatched roof, a dock, and tall grass and trees surrounding it. You then are yelled at by a second policeman. He jumps out from behind a tree, and yells “STOP” as you drive away from him. You then pass a police truck and move on under a bridge, with 3 similar-looking police-men on top.images-2images-3

You transition to the next scene, while still outside on the countryside. You pass a farmhouse, again, seen with the keen eye only. You then see farmer yelling at you. He is by a bridge. On the bridge is a cart with sheep in it, pulled by a horse. This is the end of my favorite scenes from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.images

I hope I have given a good, descriptave overview . There are more to come, as this is by far my favorite ride at Disneyland. Try to look for Ratty’s house, and the farmhouse on your next visit to Disneyland park.

Roly (son)

Disney Challenge

Here are the Disney Challenge questions:

1- First time you went to Disney World? Roly: 2009: mom/Perdita:1977; dad/Pongo: 1973

2- Favorite park? Roly: Magic Kingdom; mom/Perdita:Magic Kingdom: Pongo: Magic Kingdom

3- Favorite land in Magic Kingdom? Roly: Fantasyland; mom/Perdita: Fantasyland; Pongo: Tomorrowland

4- Favorite Disney resort hotel? Roly: Beach Club; mom/Perdita: The Beach Club Hotel; Pongo/dad: Beach Club

5- Favorite snack? Roly: LeFou’s Brew; mom/Perdita: LeFou’s Brew or cream-cheese-filled pretzel; dad/Pongo: N/A

6- Favorite souvenir? Roly: N/A; mom/Perdita: Disney paintings or Disney knickknacks; dad/Pongo: Mickey Mouse watch

7- Favorite table service and counter service? Roly: TS=Sci-fi Dine in Theater Cs=Contempo Cafe at The Contemporary Resort; mom/Perdita: TS-Tony’s Townsquare Restaurant, CS-Contempo Cafe at The Contemporary Resort; dad/Pongo: TS-50’s Primetime Cafe; CS-Contempo Cafe

8- Favorite ride? Roly: Peter Pan’s Flight; mom/Perdita: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Soarin’, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train; dad/Pongo:Tower of Terror

9- Favorite show? Roly: Muppet Vision 3D; mom/Perdita: Philharmagic; Pongo/dad: Finding Nemo the Musical

10- Favorite parade or fireworks? Roly: Festival of Fantasy; mom/Perdita: Wishes: Pongo/dad: Illuminations

11- Favorite pavilion in Epcot? Roly: UK; mom/Perdita: UK; dad/Pongo: UK

12- What color is your magic band? Roly: Orange; mom/Perdita: Blue; Pongo/dad: green

13- Favorite character to meet? Roly: Belle; mom/Perdita: Winnie the Pooh and Dug (from UP); dad/Pongo: Dug

14- A character you haven’t met but really want to? Roly: Peter Pan and Wendy and Robin Hood; mom/Perdita: Other Pooh characters besides Pooh Bear and Tigger; dad/Pongo: Robin Hood

15- Your best Disney memory? Roly: Staying at the Beach Club concierge level for the first time; mom/Perdita: Also staying at the Beach Club concierge for the first time at Christmas; dad/Pongo: first trip with Roly to WDW

So there you have it. Those are all of our answers to the Disney Challenge. We would love to see all you do this challenge!!! If you do please let us know so we can check out your answers.

Have a Magical week everyone!

Mother’s Day ideas for Disney fans-

Perdita (mom) here-

I include myself in this category (to say the least) and with Mother’s Day approaching I thought I would give some ideas to get for your mom/wife.

The gifts can be purchased at the parks, online on, or from other online stores.

One gift idea  that I think would please any mom is a Disney print. These come in all sizes with about every Disney character imaginable. I have purchased several at the Disney Parks at Art of Disney in Epcot and at The Magic of Disney Animation Gift Shop in Hollywood Studios. They sell prints in the stores and have kiosks where you can look through hundreds of prints. There are three major types of art: pencil drawings, canvas-wrapped art, and prints that need framing. A fourth category that I purchased once was a cel ( animation in which the animator painted the Dumbo in by hand and the rest was a print). I should add that you don’t have to go to Disney World to purchase Disney prints. I have found them reasonably priced on and have bought one from

One other idea that is much less expensive and doesn’t have to fit (like an article of clothing) is kitchen accessories. There are mugs,dishes, glasses, pot holders, kitchen towels, wooden spoons, measuring spoons, etc. For me, it brings a little Disney “magic” home with me and a smile to my face when I see ( for instance) the Mickey measuring spoons or a Winnie the Pooh coffee mug. If you are at home there is a wide selection of items at and free shipping is available for purchases greater than $75. Sometimes they have other free shipping offers for any purchase amount.

If you can discern the taste of your mom well enough Disney has a lot of jewelry available for a wide range of tastes and prices; from watches to Pandora jewelry to earrings, etc.

Clothing is available from many vendors besides Disney for sometimes a considerable cost savings from Target to online merchants like Zazzle. This is a trickier purchase due to not only taste considerations but the fit of the clothing. I would caution staying away from this type of purchase unless it is a basic t-shirt or pajamas.

Disney also sells handbags with a wide range of prices; from Dooney and Bourke designer bags to simple totes (which I returned home with on my latest Disney trip). Luggage is also a good gift idea but it comes at a high price for Disney luggage ($150-$200).

My favorite idea and I think the most fool-proof: knick-knacks or figurines. I have several with Winnie-the Pooh and Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Toad, Dumbo, etc. These come in so many prices points and with so much selection from so many places the choices are dizzying. (I scored major deals a few months ago at a local Hallmark store when I went in the store with no idea of the selection or the deals).

This is by no means an exhaustive list but is a good start. Again, these items may be purchased at the Disney Parks or ordered online from or many other places like Amazon, Zazzle, or many others. Some items can be found at local  stores such as Target, Hallmark, or the Disney Store. IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3794 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3803 IMG_3805